"Ifa y Xango are clearly thinking well beyond the boundaries of what is known and accepted within any given musical genre, be it jazz or rock or whatever. Monumentally trangressive, the music on Twice Left Handed / Shavings will delight some, and infuriate others. This album is easily one of the most adventurous, daring, and accomplished recordings of 2015.” (Dave Wayne, All About Jazz) 



“zelf plaatsen we dit graag onder de ‘’V’ en ‘O’ van Verdomd Opwindend. Dit spul is ronduit hypnotiserend, jongleert moeiteloos met insteken en geluiden, wordt gestuwd door een knetterende groepsspanning die voortdurend op de grens van de desintegratie balanceert, en nét daar een plagerig danspasje uitvoert.” (G. Peters, Cobra) 

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“This music is something else. It is not music to understand. It doesn’t prescribe anything. It gives you auditory signals and you are free to follow. Or not. I follow. These guys don’t give us simple retrospective, they give us something way better. They offer themselves, full of the urgency of the here and now. And themselves they became through past experience, specifically through a vast array of available music, call it dubstep, call it musique concrete, call it electronic trance, call it what you will.”


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